Thank you for your interest in being a food truck or food vendor at one of our City of Thomasville sponsored events such as First Friday Sip & Shop, Thomasville’s Rose Show & Festival, Black History Celebration, Victorian Christmas, and Downtown Movie Night. Please complete the application below in its entirety, with as much detail as possible to help the Food Vendor Committee make its selections. Please note that we do not allow food trucks at our Victorian Christmas Celebration.

The menu is the most important aspect of the application. To ensure you have the best possible advantage in the selection process, a fully completed application, with a thorough and detailed description of the food items you offer assists in the evaluation and selection process. If your menu may not be generally known or familiar to the public, we encourage you to provide detailed descriptions of the food items to assist in the evaluation and selection process. Applications that are not complete may not be fully considered for selection. The following are additional criteria that are used in evaluating vendors for selection:

  1. Food vendors with food service experience, particularly with outdoor events.
  2. Food vendors should offer limited but complete menus. Experience has proven that production and sales decrease when menus become too elaborate. Your menu should include small portions, and a variety of price points. The uniqueness and freshness of your menu presentation will help give you the best advantage as we are always looking for new menu items.
  3. Prior participation in a City of Thomasville event, with special attention to compliance of event regulations.
  4. The ability of your operations to fit into the available resources at our City of Thomasville events (i.e. electrical and space requirements). There is a slight advantage to operating with limited electrical and space requirements.
  5. A picture of your food truck or food vendor table setup in action must be provided.

As you can see, our application process is thorough and complete. If you choose to apply, we assure you that all applications and vendors are given equal consideration.

The City of Thomasville is committed to providing the finest events in the region. We strive to have the highest-quality food services to match the caliber and quality of our entertainment. To reach this goal, we follow the previously outlined selection process and concepts very closely. If you have any questions concerning menu, space, electrical restrictions, other information or the application, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Again, thank you for your interest, and good luck in the selection process!