For well over a century now, the numerous quail hunting plantations of the area have continued a tradition of hunting quail, drawing sportsmen to Thomasville from across the country and around the world. Now, through a concerted effort of conservation, focused on preserving our precious quail habitat, the Thomasville area will continue to thrive as a sportsman’s destination far into the future.

To celebrate the importance of the quail to the area’s heritage, locals and visitors can now hunt quail right in Downtown Thomasville! Not with guns, of course, but with their eyes.

Twelve bronze quail statues are hidden high and low, in plain sight, in twelve different locations in historic, downtown Thomasville. Finding these fowl should be a fun and adventurous scavenger hunt for children and adults alike. The goal is to complete the hunt by locating all twelve quail. In the process, those who participate will gain a deeper appreciation of the natural and historic surroundings that Thomasville has to offer.

While on your hunt, look for friends of the covey Ollie the Otter, Liberty the Labrador and other adorable wildlife friends, all cast in bronze, that will greet you along the way.

Paul Rhymer sculpted the lost quail statues by hand, to create this unique and creative art piece.

To begin your hunt for the lost quail in downtown Thomasville, stop by the Visitors Center at 144 East Jackson Street inside the Municipal Auditorium Building (or view the map and hints below).

Happy hunting!