Work Plan

Project Title Project Description Timeline
Upper Story Development Develop communication initiatives to encourage adaptive reuse of upper story development of downtown buildings for use of office, housing, service, and retail. 2020-2022
Adaptive Re-use of Downtown Space Encourage and implement removal of impediments for adaptive reuse of downtown space and encourage street facing infill developments. 2021-2025
Movie Night at the Ritz In December of 2021 we hosted our first Family Movie Night at The Ritz as part of our Christmas in Thomasville events. 2021-2023
The movie night was a huge success, so we decided to do two more in the Fall of 2022 in conjunction with our Halloween and Christmas in Thomasville events.
We plan to make Movie Night at The Ritz a quarterly event in 2023.
Planter signs were ordered to advertise for Movie Night at The Ritz.
Plaques Installed in 200 Block of West Jackson Street Sidewalk plaques listing important historical businesses in the district were part of the vision for the overall revitalization of The Bottom District. 2022
Funding was available for sidewalk plaques in the 300 block of West Jackson Street during the streetscape, but funding was not available for plaques for the 200 block.
This year 24 historic business plaques were purchased and installed in the 200 block of West Jackson Street by funding from The Williams Family Foundation.
“Treat Yourself in Thomasville” Marketing Campaign Our Marketing Department launched a new campaign to encourage visitors and locals to “Treat Yourself in Thomasville” over the summer. 2022
As part of the campaign, we designed Summer Loyalty Cards that were accepted between June 1st and August 31st. For every $20 spent, Downtown Merchants signed off on your card. After spending $200, completed cards were turned in to the Thomasville Visitor’s Center for a chance to win a weekend staycation at the Downtown Courtyard by Marriott.
The cards were a great success and we had over 377 turned in for a total of $75,400.
Downtown Development District Expansion This expansion followed the Blueprint Comprehensive Plan, the Downtown Strategic Plan for revitalization and the opportunity for future growth with identified gateways into the downtown. 2022-2023
The Downtown Development Authority approved the expansion of our Downtown Development District. The new map was adopted on April 11, 2022, by City Council.
We are continuing to reach out to the new businesses within the Downtown Development District to make them aware of Downtown Incentives.
We have plans to launch a Holiday Loyalty Card that will be available between November 1st and December 31st.