Work Plan

Project Title Project Description Timeline

E-Commerce Grant Program

Launch and execute the E-Commerce Grant Program to encourage business expansion and business retention by providing resources to business owners to invest in e-commerce as an additional revenue stream for brick and mortar downtown businesses. 2021
Adaptive Re-use of Downtown Space Encourage and implement removal of impediments for adaptive reuse of downtown space and encourage street facing infill developments. 2021-2025
Black History Month Celebration Increase participation in our Black History Parade & Celebration through community outreach. 2020-2021
Thomasville Rose Show Centennial Celebration Our beloved Thomasville Rose Show & Festival will celebrate 100 years in 2021. Develop new marketing initiatives and community outreach to increase local participation and connect with cities outside of Thomasville to encourage them to visit Thomasville during this event. 2020-2021
Upper Story Development Develop communication initiatives to encourage adaptive reuse of upper story development of downtown buildings for use of office, housing, service, and retail. 2020-2022