Join us in Downtown Thomasville on October 6!

6-8 pm: Shop, dine, sip, and stroll throughout Downtown.
6-10 pm: Food trucks at The Ritz Amphitheater (131 S. Stevens Street)
8-10 pm:
Free concert at The Ritz Amphitheater (131 S. Stevens Street) by Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues

Band Bio: Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Mac Arnold is back at it with Plate Full O’ Blues! Mac is one of the few remaining old-school bluesmen still putting on a fine show. His musical journey began in the 1950s, when he and his brother Leroy fashioned a guitar from a steel gas can, wood, nails, and screen wire. His early career included working with a young James Brown in the band, J. Floyd & the Shamrocks, and later, Muddy Waters. Mac is a ball of energy that will keep you dancing the night away with true and bluesy favorites and original songs from the band!

Participating merchants with extended hours are listed below:

Check back with us for a list closer to the event date.

(*Denotes businesses that sell beer and wine)