Lapham Patterson House

Pebble Hill

Outside the Classroom

Prepare your class because a field trip to Thomasville will be fun for everyone! Full of rich history, fascinating architecture, and vast natural beauty that your students will love, you’ll find Thomasville to be the perfect place to explore and learn.

Start the day with a visit to the Jack Hadley Black History Museum, where students can tour a vast array of over 5,000 preserved historical artifacts that showcase African American achievements and accomplishments both locally and nationally.

History comes to life at the Thomasville History Center! Tour the museum inside, then explore the backyard and find the second oldest private bowling alley! The grounds of the History Center are also the perfect location to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. Be sure to pop across the street and explore the captivating Lapham Patterson House. With so many quirks and turns, your students will be talking about it for weeks!

After morning museum tours, it’s time to burn some energy. Enjoy a scavenger hunt with Thomasville Landmarks that will keep your students entertained and engaged as they explore Thomasville’s Victorian architecture intermingled with local history.

Learning about ecology or nature? Check out Birdsong Nature Center! From Bird Windows to Butterfly Gardens, Birdsong will keep your students entertained for hours! Walk through the trails or pick up some nature-related educational activities for your students to complete.

Spend some time at Pebble Hill Plantation where you’ll find a wide variety of activities for all students! Tour the Main House and watch your students “ooo and ahh” at the gorgeous and grand interior. A tour of the grounds will allow your students to explore while they learn about the history of the buildings such as the stables, the old firehouse complex, the dog hospital and much more. Pebble Hill Plantation even features a Learning Center on the property where you can work with staff to create an activity that covers your teaching standards.