Project Title Project Description Timeline
Creative District Plan The Creative District is envisioned as an integral part of downtown that will embrace and partner the creative arts and retail businesses. 2014-2020
Public Park, Amphitheater & Trailhead Construction of a downtown park and amphitheater in the Creative District. 2012-2017
Multi-Use Trail The Community Trail is envisioned as a fully landscaped 15-mile walking and biking trail with outdoor lighting that will connect 17 of the city's parks. The trailhead will be located in the Creative District of downtown and will include an outdoor amphitheater and anchor the trail to downtown Thomasville. 2012-2020
Wayfinding Signage New gateway signage, public parking signage, public art or other monuments for downtown Thomasville to assist visitors and citizens with easier navigation throughout the city. 2016-2018
Downtown Parking Improve/increase availability of parking in the downtown area through the identification of public areas where parking can be increased or enhanced and through the development of partnerships with private property owners. 2016-2018
Branding Initiative Update Thomasville's brand as it relates to marketing the community for tourism and economic development. 2016-2018
Victorian Christmas Survey & Review Victorian Christmas is one of Thomasville's signature events. Based on community and merchant feedback, conduct a survey, review, and update to the event. 2017
West Jackson Streetscape The proposed streetscape project will focus on the area of West Jackson from Madison Street to Remington Avenue. Citizens will have opportunities to contribute their ideas to the development of the streetscape plan for this downtown street. This project will rely heavily on public input to help shape the final design. Recommended improvements include: parking, traffic flow, sidewalks, preservation of the character, and filling empty storefronts. 2016-2019
Master Planning for Public Parks Improvement of public greenspaces as work on the Community Trail progresses will allow for an improved aesthetic and increased usage of City parks in the downtown area. 2016-2019
Sidewalk Improvements & Enhanced Pedestrian Crosswalks Sidewalk improvements will allow for repair and enhancements to downtown sidewalks. 2017-2019
Adoption of the International Existing Building Code The reuse of existing buildings, especially historic buildings in the downtown core, is key to the continued success and prosperity of Thomasville. The current building, fire, and life safety codes may in some cases create a barrier to redevelopment. The International Existing Building Code provides an alternative means of compliance for developers looking at renovating upper stories in downtown Thomasville for uses such as lofts, condos, apartments, or offices. 2017
Light Manufacturing Ordinance Revise the city ordinance related to Light Manufacturing to allow for manufacturing on site at downtown stores. 2017